Dreaming and Planning


Over breakfast the other day, two of my friends more or less insisted I start a blog to record the next months and years, wherein I will leave Portland, the town I've loved for 12 years now, move back home to England, the place I'm from but haven't lived for 26 years and start a flower farm.

I think that's a great idea. Even if no one ever reads it (and I pretty much expect that no one will!), it may be pleasant to look back on one day, or helpful as I keep growing and changing my businesses. Since I already have this blog, it makes sense to do that here. So I will.

Last weekend, as part of the long, overwhelming process of cleaning and clearing the basement of my house, I went through a couple of boxes of photo albums and in them, found several started-but-not-continued journals. It seems to be a thing I do. Still, even these are fun to have; snapshots of moments in my life that I had thought might be worth noting; the week leading up to my first wedding; my solo trip to Bali; the months before I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to take up a job offer at DreamWorks in the 90s. Maybe this time I'll keep it up.  

So here's where I am: After moving to America at 19 to go to college and after a whole life here (it seems) that involved falling in and out of love, working for some big, glitzy companies, moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then finally to Portland (Ore.) 12 years ago, and then starting my own business three years ago, I'm ready to move back to England. I think. It's not without some trepidation. Nowhere on earth is without its problems, of course, but the UK's recent flirtations with Brexit don't make me super-proud to be British. Still.. there's my family who all live there. My niece and nephew, 2 year old twins. A thriving and growing British Flower movement. And I think, a market for the place I want to create: a haven in the countryside. A place to escape from city life for a little while. A safe home for chickens and bees, dogs and cats and maybe a small herd of alpaca (because why not? And their manure is apparently gardener's gold). A small-at-first but growing flower farm, focused on fragrant, unusual, hard to find blooms. A home for Nettle to keep growing. And not least, a magical, romantic place for people in love to come and tie the knot.

The farm's mission statement, (hmm.. that sounds so corporate):

  • We believe in the power of getting your hands dirty and working hard.
  • We believe in kindness.
  • We believe in collaboration over competition.
  • We believe that to have made something beautiful is a good day's work.
  • We believe that beautiful things can be grown without chemicals.
  • We believe in growing softly, in the small footprint and that leaving the world better because you were in it for a little while is the best way to work.
  • We believe in the healing power of a beautiful garden.
  • We believe in love.


That's a start. Onwards.


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