A Magical Day, featured on Artfully Wed this week

Do you ever have one of those days when the sun is shining and the temperature is just perfect and there's a light breeze and you're in a beautiful place and making something that you somehow know is going to come together perfectly? I have to admit, as much as I love to focus on the positive in any given day, days like that don't come along all that often.

On this day at Hildebrandt Farms in the countryside south of Portland, I arrived several hours early, having promised that I'd provide some sort of dramatic backdrop for the shoot. I had a vague idea in my head of something constructed between two trees in the wooded area at the farm and a car load of white blooms from my garden..

My first attempt using young Vine Maple branches foraged from the woodland (with the kind permission of the owners) just wasn't working; the thing branches were too pliable to provide any support between the trees. After a few moments of panicking (a whole team of people was arriving later on and I'd promised something amazing!), I looked around and saw piles of old pine branches pruned from the trees and inspiration struck. I spent the next few hours dragging scratchy, heavy branches out of wood piles and tramping through nettles (all the while wondering WHY I hadn't thought to bring gloves, or an assistant) until I had enough to work with. I braced the branches between the two closest standing pine trees and wove them together until I had the wooden circle that had come to me that morning. No nails or wire was needed; the tension of the branches held it all together. I finished it off by weaving the fresh flowers around the centre of the wheel.

I think I learned to trust my instincts a little more that day. I have so much more confidence now that I can always find a way to make an installation work. That moment of transitioning from panic to seeing that it was all going to come together beautifully has stayed with me and I'm pretty sure I'll always remember this day through a golden lens. It was gorgeous and I want to do it again and again.



Photographer: Marcela GarcĂ­a Pulido
Event Designer: @RoseandStone
Venue: The Barn at Hildebrandt Cherry Orchards
Floral Designer: Susanna Luck Flowers
Cake Designer: Just A Dash Cakes
Dress Designer: The Nature of Isa by Allison Johansen
Stationery Designer: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy
Hair & Makeup: Cassandra Kennedy
Textiles: Nettle
Furniture and Accessories Rentals: Something Borrowed Portland

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