This time last year we were just getting started. Our shop in the vintage travel trailer on NW 23rd had just been finished (after months of hard graft renovating it ourselves).

This December has been very different to last. For one thing we're now focusing on events, weddings, deliveries and silk ribbon sales and use the trailer predominantly as our design studio and meeting space. For another, we've already booked nine weddings for 2016 - one of them for December! It looks set to be a busy, happy, productive year and I can't wait.

As part of the month's festivities, we decorated the Christmas tree at the Oregon Historical Society, taught two wreath-making workshops, became the official florist for the totally gorgeous English Dept here in Portland, took part in UPdesign Lounge's great holiday popup shop and have delivered dozens of wreaths, garlands and holiday bouquets around town and upped production of our ribbons as demand has increased.

It's time for a well earned rest and a bit of family time with the people we love.

Thanks for it all, Portland. Happy Holidays and here's to a fabulous New Year for us all!

Susanna LuckComment