Jen and Jason, a real wedding on a really rainy Portland day

I love getting the pictures back from weddings I've worked on. I spend so much time focusing on planning the palette, the look and feel of the bouquets and boutonnieres and table designs, purchasing just the right flowers, at just the right time so that they'll be perfect on the day, and spending many long hours making it all and delivering it - at which point I get to see the setting before the guests have arrived and while everything is still being set up. All the tablecloths are pristine. All the wine glasses polished. Everything is ready.. And I love all of that! Collaborating on projects has always been really fun for me and I love to see everyone's talents coming together.

But I don't often get to see the smiles and the people coming together to celebrate the couple at the centre of it all - the reason for all of the work! . Which is why I love seeing the pictures like these beauties from Brittany Lauren Photography so much. All the love. All the smiles.

Susanna LuckComment