For those who love to send flowers but aren't good with dates..

There's a certain date just around the corner.. middle of next month.. that often gets people thinking about sending flowers. There are probably other dates in your life - birthdays, wedding anniversaries - for which you'd often like to send flowers but maybe aren't wonderful with remembering to plan.. I have the solution!

Sign up for our Nudge program

Give us the details once for the people and dates that are important to you and we'll take care of remembering for you!

As each date comes along, you'll get an email with a polite reminder that the anniversary, birthday or other special date is close and if you choose we'll then take care of creating and delivering something special for you. It can all be done via email or over the phone and you can get on with your busy day safe in the knowledge that you'll never have to deal with the fallout from a forgotten special date again (yes, pistils & stamen deliveries are that good ;)

Get in touch today to sign up - that certain February date is just around the corner..