lush romance in the natural language of flowers
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Unashamedly romantic and inspired by the naturally perfect forms of flowers and botanical elements, our floral design work is our passion for beauty, colour and story.

Susanna Luck Flowers is now located on the south coast of England and available for travel to any destination.

Please feel to contact me with any questions you might have.


wedding and event design services worldwide

editorial styling

large scale installations


We source the freshest, most beautiful flowers and botanical elements as locally and sustainably as possible. Being very interested in the Slow Flower Movement, we grow our own flowers, forage and partner with local small, organic (or near as dammit) farms. We don't use chemicals or products that are harmful to the environment like chemical fertilizers, bleach, or plastic-based, traditional florist's foam (it's made from oil, doesn't biodegrade, is only good for one use and is chock-full of nasty stuff like formaldehyde.) 

I must have flowers, always and always
— Claude Monet


About owner and designer, Susanna Luck

I grew up in a tiny medieval town in the English countryside, surrounded by my parents' organic garden, lots of books and the rolling green countryside and woods of Sussex, where I have always loved to draw, paint, photograph, dream and play.

I studied illustration at the Academy of Art in San Francisco (it's a long story - buy me a cup of coffee sometime and I'd be happy to talk your ear off with tales of my meandering adventures! ) From there I went into a nearly twenty year career in hand drawn special effects animation in Los Angeles and eventually Portland. From my earliest memory, I loved movies and storytelling and so I deeply loved the collaboration of developing stories through image, movement and colour for film and television.

Floral design, to me, is an extension of all of those skills. I bring a lifelong love and practice of painting to my colour palettes, an animator's eye to the movement of the lines, shapes and volumes in my floral designs and a love of storytelling to my wedding, event and editorial work. Rather than force the materials into artificial shapes I prefer to let the natural forms of the flowers and botanicals speak most clearly; they already know how to be beautiful.

I absolutely love to help my customers and clients express through flowers what sometimes is difficult to fully say in words. Travel is always welcome. Please feel free to enquire.


To see our range of hand made, plant dyed silk ribbons and textiles, please visit our sister company, Nettle